Is your apartment community inviting?

It is common sense that residents are much more likely to lease an apartment that is warm and welcoming than one that is dirty, dark, and unkempt. Furthermore, Realtors and many home improvement television shows put a tremendous amount of emphasis on creating attractive curb appeal. But after making sure your vacant units are spotless and your grounds are meticulously maintained, some on-site property managers can easily overlook a critical component: themselves.

With social media websites enabling the ability to review an apartment community within minutes I often still wonder why some property management staff members are rude, unreasonable, and unpleasant to their residents and prospects in-person, over the phone, and through e-mail correspondence. I understand that everyone can have a bad day and may take things out on the wrong people but we must remember to act professional and maintain a positive attitude.

The word “inviting” can be defined as “offering the promise of an attractive or enjoyable experience.” At Felson Companies, we strive to make our apartment communities as inviting to our residents, prospects, and vendors as possible. We’ve even created our company’s 8 core values around the word:

Notable Service
Team Oriented

We believe that by constantly reminding ourselves to create an inviting environment at our apartment communities, we will repeatedly go above and beyond the expectations of our residents.

What ways do you create an inviting environment at your apartment community?



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About Felson Companies

Felson Companies is a privately owned real estate firm that owns and manages multi-family apartment communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Felson Companies offers high quality housing units that are complemented by superior customer service.

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